Travel Tips For Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of my favourite cities on earth. A mixture of old and new, shopping and history, Europe and Asia, Istanbul provides something for everybody, particularly the frugal traveller.

The Blue Mosque

While I think of Istanbul art, I think about those gorgeous white and blue tiles and nowhere will a traveller find more amazing illustrations of 17th century Blue Iznik tiles compared to at the Blue Mosque. For more information on Travel tips for Istanbul, visit

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The Grand Bazaar

Favourites contain tiles, rugs, and citrus tea collections. Haggling is essential and shopkeepers are rather persistent. The idea of personal space is different than in North America so anticipate to get up close and personal. That’s part of the pleasure.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was initially a basilica, then a mosque, and now a museum. Frequently when travellers view photographs of Istanbul, this construction is featured.

Carpet Shopping

Carpet purchasing in Turkey is an adventure. Shoppers are served with the yummy apple in beautiful tea places whereas rugs are unrolled before them.

Fish Sandwiches

Together the Bosphorus, below the Galata Bridge, are miniature small restaurants specializing in the need to eat food in Istanbul, the fish sandwich.