Top Things to do at Byron Bay


Byron Bay is one of the best towns in Australia for those who like visiting beaches.It is popular among surfers, but there are plenty more things one can do. These are some of the top things to do if you’re at Byron Bay with your friends or family.

  1. Learn to surf – No trip to Byron Bay is complete without surfing or at least a lesson onsurfing. If you wish to learn surfing then are lessons are offered. If you know surfing but don’t have a surfboard, you can rent boards as well along with swimsuits.
  2. Day trip to Nimbin – Nimbin is a unique village known for funny smelling cigarettes. On reaching this small village, you can explore nearby surrounding’s such as Byron Bay hinterland and Minyon Falls. Minyon Falls offer a great spot for swimming.
  3. Visit the local markets – Byron Bay has quite a few local markets that sell many items like food, jewelry, hand-made crafts, paintings and many more. Byron Bay Farmers Market, Byron Bay Artisan Market and Byron Bay Market are some of the popular markets.
  4. Explore by a bike – Exploring Byron Bay on bicycle is something couples can enjoy together. There are many bike trails for bikers that offer really good views. Renting a bike is also cheap at around $AUD10.
  5. Stay in – Depending on your choice you can stay in some of the best Byron luxury accommodations.The accommodations here are good and will fit most varying budgets.