Tips For Troubleshooting The Autoclave DC Water Pump Motor

If you are having difficulty using the water pump on your autoclave you want to learn what the problem is right out and repair it. No water or a water level that is too low signifies that your machine is not working properly and will not be fully sterilizing your gear. And that usually means you are essentially out of business till you have the problem solved.

When the ‘DC Water pump motor’ (Which is also known as ‘มอเตอร์ปั๊มน้ำ DC’ in the Thai language) is creating a sound check to find out whether the mounting bracket is broken or loose. You might simply have to tighten down it or substitute it. 

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When the water pump keeps blowing a fuse, then first look for pinched or twisted wires which may be causing a brief. If that is not the issue, turn off the pump and disconnect the cables in the number one and two terminals over the solid state relay. Turn the pump back on and when the fuse blows again the issue is with the water pump or the pump capacitor and you ought to replace either.

You can almost buy a new device when all is said and done! If you are having difficulty with the water on your Tuttnauer autoclave, here are a few troubleshooting hints which may help you solve the issue yourself.

If your pump will not turn on, the very first thing you have to do would be to assess the fuse and replace it if needed. Then start looking for pinched or twisted wires resulting in the solid state relay into the pump.