The Drilling Methods Used For Different Surface Type

Drilling is a practice of making the holes in the surface of the property. These holes are created out of the rigs that are the enormous equipment. These rigs are potent enough to dig the water, oil and gas wells.

These rigs must sample the surface properties prior to beginning its projects, like the mineral deposits, soil properties, test rock, and underground water properties. These rigs are also utilized to set up the pipes and other stuff for the tunnels, holes, and wells.

If you want to get more explanation about ‘Drills'(which is also known as ‘เครื่องเจาะ‘ in the Thai language ) you can check out online websites.

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There are various sorts of drilling rigs having their own unique properties and functions, all the rig operate differently for different kinds of surfaces and lands. Some of the drilling rigs and methods are:

Auger Drilling: This sort of drilling is largely done on the tougher grounds. Additionally, it is used to dig the mines. This is not a suitable form for the soft or weak stones. All these are an affordable and time-saving type of procedure. In this technique, the helical screw functions which enter the floor when rotating. Then the soil is raised up by the blade of the screw.

Air Core Drilling: that this way is utilized for the unconsolidated and regolith ground. It’s hard to penetrate the soft and fresh stone through this method. This drill has the 3 blade system and made of steel and tungsten and it cuts through the acceptable ground. The soil cut by the drill is transferred from the compressed air from the injection. This the cuttings blow out to the surface from the tube and the drill rod. This meter may reach up to 300 meters deep. This system is expensive and requires a whole lot of time.