Patio Awnings – The Range of Fixed, Portable and Retractable Awnings

Because of the weather, you cause your patio. Perhaps it's too hot or the rain has put in for the day. But one way you can enjoy your patio all year round would be to put in a patio awning. Such awnings offer cover against sunlight and rain so you can be out on your terrace whatever the weather is throwing at you. You can get more information about Patio Awnings via

Patio Awnings - The Range of Fixed, Portable and Retractable Awnings

In its most fundamental, a patio awning is made up of the piece of solid canvas stretched over a solid framework. They could come in fixed or mobile. Fixed awnings are attached permanently to the side of your house and reach out to the terrace to supply the essential protection. Portable look somewhat like tents and may be moved around or put away as you see fit.

As far as fixed patio awnings are involved, you can purchase retractable or permanent. A retractable patio awning can be retracted or extended depending on the circumstance. Based on the kind of awning, this may be accomplished by cranking a handle or pressing a button. Permanent awnings simply stay attached and cannot be retracted. This way they provide cover whatever the actual weather.

High winds are harmful to awnings. A powerful gust can blow them tear the canvas or pull them off the side of the home. For those who have a retractable awning then you need to keep it in the retracted position during storms or windy days.