Tips For Selecting Plant For Office

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Let’s face it, we all need plants at our office desks but most of the time we end up buying plants that are either difficult to take care of or it just isn’t the right season for them. Sometimes the atmosphere isn’t suitable for certain plants so you need to choose the indoor plants carefully.

Plants make you feel happy and clarify the air so it is essential that you set up plants in your buildings and offices. Here are few tips for selecting plants for your office:

  • Make sure that you go for those plants which are easy to maintain and aren’t sensitive. What this means basically is that, if you somehow forget to water them because of a busy schedule they don’t end up dead.
  • If your table is in a cubicle then go for plants that require low light. As the cubicles usually don’t have much sunlight, they have filtered light instead i.e. artificial. Plants such as philodendrons, photos, ZZ plant or snake plant are excellent choices.
  • If your desk is in a room where you have plenty of sunlight then go for cacti, succulents, ferns or jade.
  • If you have the choice, go for the plants that have proven to be good for reducing air pollution. Our top picks include peace lilies, snake plants, dracaenas and rubber plants.
  • It is important that you schedule regular cleaning of your plants, watering and soil enhancers.

If you are looking for an office plant, hire Melbournes finest house plant providers. Make sure they have a wide range of plants available. Also, look for the companies that provide same day delivery and warranties.

What To Consider Before Getting Plants For Your Office?

Adding in greens to the office can cheer up a work space, allow a clear line to be formed between two work stations, improve the quality of air and remove impurities from the environment. It can even become part of the work culture or could be used to emphasize on any environmental goals the company might have. But before a search for the perfect indoor plant, some factors need to be considered:

Factors To Be Considered

1. What sort of lighting does the office have, some plants can survive even thrive in low lighting whereas some plants don’t. A peace lily is a perfect example of a plant that is ideal for work spaces without any big or proper windows.

2. Is it going to be placed on a small work desk or is there any big space available to put plants through indoor plant hire services. An African violet is suitable for desktops as it brightens up the space with its flower. Be cautious, it requires maintenance.

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3. Another factor to consider is whether the work environment could do with some air cleaning. Some plants have a natural feature to clean the air of the present harmful particles.  A Gerber daisy for instance cleans out benzene which is emitted by some printing devices.

4. These are some of the most common concerns. But they are not the only ones. You might require some privacy for your space. Some plants might be added for decorations purposes, providing a pleasing focal point. All offices have different needs, and research should be done beforehand.

Keep the above in mind and you are good to go.