The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Available Right Now

There are only a few high quality brands of Egyptian cotton sheets in the United States today and you probably won't find many of them that are available on Amazon. They tend to be expensive and can run into nearly $1,000 for a full set of sheets and pillow cases. 

Fortunately, you can see a list of the best Egyptian cotton sheet brands that are around here: . It contains a list of mostly high end Egyptian cotton sheets, but some blends are available for those who can't afford the higher end prices of the real thing. 

One brand that comes to mind when talking about Egyptian cotton sheets is Sferra. You can buy these at high end department stores and they're sometimes available on Amazon. 

Another brand that you can always rely on to produce high quality, durable sheets is AQ Textiles and these are available at Macy's for a few hundred dollars per set. 

Last, but not least, Matouk is another brand that you can't go wrong with. But, again, these are expensive and go close to $1,000 for a full set of sheets plus pillow cases. If you want high quality, it's not going to come cheaply. The trade off is that you won't have to buy sheets for the next decade.

Best of Egypt: The Luxor Temple

Luxor, the modern city of what used to be a flourishing antiquated capital known as Thebes, is a standout amongst the most went by urban communities in Egypt today. Luxor has a history that is as old as the nation itself.

It has been home to incalculable quantities of pharaohs and judging by the sheer number of surviving ancient rarities, sanctuaries and engineering, it has been a standout amongst the most intense urban areas ever. If you are planning for Egypt Holiday Tours you can visit 'Villa for Rent in Ain Sokhna Egypt'.

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One of the best destinations that anybody can visit is the well-known Luxor Temple. The whole sanctuary is around 260 meters tall, used to be an area of love for the religion that Amenophis III worked for himself. In the end the sanctuary was worked by the Queen Hathshepsut.

There are numerous areas inside the sanctuary that is justified regardless of a look here are fundamental case of the things to find there.

1. The Luxor Temple Colonnades – with 14 gigantic segments containing papyrus molded capitals towering for around 60 feet tall and 33 feet in boundary. It is a standout amongst the most astounding site in the entire sanctuary.

2. Yard of Rameses II – containing a peristyle of around 74 papyrus segments organized flawlessly in a twofold line and finished with 16 statues of the pharaoh who ruled amid the season of the development.