Commonly Used Types of Cables

There are various types of cables that are available in the market. There are some cables that are specifically designed for industrial and factory use while others are commonly used in houses and for commercial use. The main use of these cables and wires is to transmit power and for communication purposes.

Following are some of the most commonly used cable types:


1. Aluminium Cables

The main purpose of using these cables is electric conductivity. These cables are ductile, light in weight and nonmagnetic. Due to these three qualities they are used in factories, construction sites, industries and other heavy-duty applications. Apart from that these cables reflect heat and can be recycled. 

2. Copper Cables

These cables are used for electric conductivity and are used in numerous industries like electronics, mining, transportation and telecommunication. Similar to aluminium cables, copper cables are also light in weight and ductile. Apart from this, they are also flexible due to which they are used in microwaves, switches, electromagnets, circuits, etc.

3. Industrial Cables

This type of cables is specially designed to last in extreme temperatures. So they are usually used in aviation, chemical plants, refineries and pharmaceutical companies. They are strong and sturdy and are resistant to grease, chemicals, flames and oil. There are further categories of industrial cables that include coaxial, control, armoured shielded instrumentation and other power cables.

When working with industrial cables, use a drum stand to enhance your performance. If you have a limited budget you can always look for cable drum stands for sale in the market.