How to rent an apartment in Beijing?

Traditional but an extremely lively, Beijing is a city which encapsulates the soul of China perfectly. It is using a slew of historical places, temples, and modern business district and hutong location.

There are numerous variables an expert should think about if you are searching for a home in Beijing. You can point out proximity to areas of work or college, individual way of life and home budget.

Chaoyang District is famous for its pubs, business district, embassies, and huge parks. Also, it is among the greatest and popular place for young professionals in Beijing.

Additionally, Chaoyang is home to the majority of Beijing's overseas embassies. Also, it boasts the city's biggest park by precisely the exact same title. To know more about Beijing Chaoyang apartments for rent, visit

The typical price in CBD region: 3500-7000 RMB/month for a shared flat and around 7000 RMB/month to get one flat. When you are renting an apartment in Beijing please be certain your brand new apartment is enrolled as a rental home. Expats need to register where they are living.

Once you create a rental agreement you will also have to put a deposit on the flat. This fee is generally just one or three months lease and is reimbursed to you at the end of your property if you leave your flat in precisely the exact same state and find a person to take on your lease. If you locate your new apartment through a realtor, please be certain your broker comes out of a valid, reliable property agency.