How Many Individuals Have Gotten Knee Replacements?

Few of Americans carry a medical device which is implanted inside their bodies, ranging from pacemakers and artificial joints to surgical mesh and birth-control devices. Some procedures, like knee replacement, have become so popular that more than 600,000 people undergo the operation each year in this country.

About DePuy and DePuy ATTUNE

DePuy, a company that is part of Johnson & Johnson's medical devices group, is one of the world's largest producers of knee implants and has developed more than a dozen distinct knee systems. It has described the ATTUNE Knee System as a state-of-the-art apparatus that provides greater range of movement sooner to patients recovering from knee replacement operation than competing goods.

More than a hundred million patients were implanted with the DePuy Attune Knee. Our office has already discussed and reviewed documents of premature Failures and complications from the Attune Knee replacement system that have Been revised due to tibial loosening events.

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