Difference between Landscaping and Gardening


Landscaping and gardening both involve maintaining and creating a pleasing outdoor area. Whether it’s a small size park, golf course, or building complexes, these two activities can serve as a hobby or profession. Here we look at the differences.

1. Landscaping –Landscaping involves creating an imaginary outlook and then design the imaginary outlook in to reality. Landscape uses elements like trees, lawns, shrubbery, flora and hardscape elements like furniture, water fence and features and furniture.

2. Landscape Professionals –In the professional field of landscape, there are 3 types of professionals – Landscape architects, designers and contractors.

  1. Landscape architects – They require a degree along with a license. From small types and scales, designing, implementing to transportation facilities, resorts, and the work of landscape artists is huge.
  2. Landscape Designers – They do not require a formal degree but can benefit by working with professional designers for a few years. They work in small-scale and residential properties.
  3. Landscape Contractors – Building structures according to the vision of artists and designers is what contractors do.

3. Gardening – Similar to landscaping, gardening also involves maintenance, planning and designing. However, all this work is related to only the plants in the garden. It may sound simple, but gardening is evolving as not only as a hobby but as a professional business.

4. Gardening Professionals –A degree in botany or horticulture is required for professional gardening. Gardening programs requires training from professional mentors for several hours.

Landscaping in Sydney Inner West and other parts of Australia have several programs for professional programs in landscaping and gardening.