Creating a Simple Business Website

Developing a simple business site to attract local traffic and increase your sales is not as tough as it used to be. Today there are many options and services that offer small business owners the chance to host a company website that is simple setup and inexpensive to keep. If you want some more information about creating websites you can visit

Creating a Simple Business Website

The first rule of making a small business website is in the name. Keep it simple. Your site needs to be clean, easy to read and answer all the questions your customers or prospects may have. The navigation must be easy to follow with large menu items and internal hyperlinks that take your visitors to their planned pages and sections.

Things to avoid:-

1. Flash - Flash sites might look good but they are not practical as they are difficult for search engines to index and return search results. They are best reserved for companies that are well known like

2. Music and Animations - Unless your site is all about music or video productions your site shouldn't be playing any kind of videos or music automatically.

3. Picture gallery on the home page – Avoid putting all your pictures on the home page. This will create clutter and reevaluate your site.

4.Links that leave your website - When a visitor clicks on a link the results should open in the same window. Avoid links that would open a new window or tab for pictures, PDF files, or order forms