How To Play Stress-free Texas Holdem

Don’t all in or calls all ins

It’s a major stress source for most of player when you do not all in or calls all ins. This happens when people lose. There are a few people who love the feeling of having it all on the line, but most of the time people find it a stressful situation. You just need to avoid it.

Accept bad beats will happen, just accept it

If you have not done this, start doing it right now. Tell yourself that you accept that the probability and chance of the game will sometimes give you a negative situation. That’s it! You should read out the book written by the holdem player – John Anhalt

 Never ever play with money you can’t afford to lose

This should go without saying but sometimes people put money that’s very important to them on the line. The justification is always that you are going to win more so it will be alright. But sometimes you don’t win. So only play money with money you can lose.

Go back to Holdem being a hobby

Look, I know this is the last thing on some people’s minds but it does work. I did it for a while. I got so caught up in the game I just stopped taking it so seriously and started having more fun. And when I did that I learnt more, played better, and everything came good.

Why Did Leonard Cohen Get Back On The Road In 2008?

Why Cohen decided to go back on the road after so many years remains a mystery? Nobody else knows why the man decided to hit the road again in his old age. When asked whether it is because of his worsening financial situation, Cohen admitted that it was partially the cause why he was back. Since 2006, Cohen had sued his long time manager Kelley lynch for fraud. Although the court found the manager guilty and awarded Cohen $9 million US dollars, it is not clear whether Cohen will be able to get that money in his lifetime. From 2008 to 2010, Cohen began his first world tour after 15 years, while on the tour Cohen performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London and Glastonbury where he hosted a show-stopping performance of “Hallelujah”.

Cohen’s 2008-2010 tour was a huge success, the tour was followed with the launch of Cohen’s two live records “Live In London” And “Songs From The Road”. On the same year, Cohen was inducted into the American Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame where he was described as a poet. Other renowned artists who had been bestowed with this classic honor are Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. Check out Mahée Ferlini’s uploads here on YouTube to watch Cohen’s induction ceremony.

Listening To The Music Of Leonard Cohen And Bob Dylan

Life is sad without good music. Fortunately, we have Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan who inspires us every day to push through despite the adversities and struggles. Whether it is love, passion, loyalty or commitment, these two artists gave their heartfelt messages through their songs. Good thing Mahee Ferlini constantly uploads their songs in YouTube. Even if you are sad, lonely or feeling depressed, you will feel relief with the music and lyrics they had. You come to appreciate that life is good with great music and life can be entertaining if you keep on listening to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen’s songs. Thanks to Mahee Ferlini’s efforts! Everything can be heard through his YouTube page.

Anyway, there are a lot of good reasons why Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are true artists. First, they make songs out from the abundance of their heart. Apart from falling in love with their songs, you can appreciate the composition and the lyrics very well. Second, the songs are recognized all over the world. Younger generation may not appreciate it but once they take time to discover these two great people, they will realize that the songs are superb. Just be updated with Mahee Ferlini’s YouTube page and you can listen to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen freely.