All You Need to Know About Horse Supplements

If you want to supplement your horse diet, you'll need to understand why these supplements are used, when they are used, and how they are used.

In perfect situations, you would not have to worry about your horse's diet. They would receive all of the minerals and nutrients from foraging in their pastures.

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Unfortunately, most horses are not given the opportunity to take advantage of ideal grazing conditions. Many times, this is due to over-grazed pastures and modern agriculture that reduce the types of nutrients available in grazing fields.

Most horses also do not have the advantage of grazing year round. Winter months make it difficult for them to receive the correct nutrients from forage, and limit the amount of feed available to them. For these reasons, supplements are important.

There are several circumstances in which horse feed balancers need to be used. Here are just a few. When the grazing condition is not ideal, such as during winter months, or where a known soil deficiency is present, such as in the Welsh borders or Somerset. These areas have soil that is deficient in selenium and copper.

Supplements will provide balance and protect horses from the risk of laminitis, azoturia, and colic. When horses need to be their best for showing, the right horse feed balancers will improve the quality of their coat, skin condition, and ability to perform.